Thousands of Datasets

Browse and load thousands of datasets from TorchVision, TorchAudio or Hugging Face Hub (upcoming).

Thousands of Models

Browse and train thousands of models from TorchVision, TorchAudio, PyTorch Hub (upcoming) or Hugging Face Hub (upcoming).

Local & Remote Servers

Store datasets and train models locally or remotely, on premise or in the cloud. TorchStudio is compatible with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and many more.


Explore Datasets

Display datasets samples on demand, no matter the number of inputs/outputs and the tensor formats.

Format & Analyze Datasets

Redefine samples usage, balancing and shuffling on the fly. Produce statistical reports about the entire dataset.

Visualize Models

Show model graph, revealing how internal nodes are connected and how tensor size change between nodes.

Prepare & Monitor Trainings

Set parameters and hyperparameters, monitor your loss and metric curves and output predictions in real time.

Compare Trainings

The Dashboard shows all your trainings at once and how their performance compare to each other, helping you quickly identify the best model.


IDE Extensions

Use as a standalone or connect it to your favorite IDE. Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, Spyder and Sublime Text are supported.

Extensible Modules

Edit or add your own modules. Every components are customizable: dataset, model, analyzer, renderer, loss, metric, optimizer, learning rate scheduler.

Open Project Format

Reuse TorchStudio projects externally : they are simple zip files containing all code, data and parameters in Python and PyTorch compatible formats.

Open Source Code

All core routines under the hood are freely accessible and editable Python files. Tweak to your own needs, or connect TorchStudio to other systems.